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"I found Alexandra at a pivotal moment in my career. Potential work opportunities were arriving more frequently and I knew I needed help managing my digital marketing and content. I needed help because I wasn't that great with digital platforms to begin with, and because I had difficulty presenting my brand effectively. Alexandra has been a blessing. She not only manages my digital marketing and content flawlessly, but she also provides constructive and creative support in all areas related to my brand. She is communicative, organized, reliable, and diligent with her work. Because I can trust how she'll present my brand, I can spend more time on my craft."

Irisol Gonzalez, Fine Artist and Muralist

"Hiring Alexandra is absolutely the best money I've ever spent on my business. I always get the money I invest on her back. Once I hand off work to Alexandra, I know it's done. I have complete and total trust, because she consistently follows through and makes sure that I, as a scatter-brained creative, do the same. She brings me the peace of mind I need to run my business and live my life. I wish I could be her only client! It takes a village to support an artist and she's number one on the list."

Elizabeth Palmisano, Fiber and Installation Artist


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